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Shady Valley School


Another of the stylish WPA-built schools.  Built in 1936 out of local materials.  It’s located about 1/3 mile up 133 from the intersection with 34 (where all the bikers gas up and have a nosh before they hurtle down The Snake).
36.52339, -81.925070

The Garden at Bald Creek School

This is on the right hand side of Bald Creek Elementary School west of Burnsville NC on Hwy. 19.  You’ll see on the website that the school was founded in 1895, but the building you can just see a bit of on the left was build with the help of the WPA in 1938.  In North Carolina, particularly, a lot of the WPA-built schools are strikingly well done in ashlar stone.

Shady Valley School


I always enjoy finding schools built by the WPA.
This one, on 133 in Shady Valley TN, was built in 1936.  A plaque certifies it as a WPA structure.
Very nicely fashioned out of local stone.

Hancock County TN School Annex


I’m in Sneedville TN. This stone building was once an annex of sorts to the long-gone Hancock County school that sat where the upper parking lot is for the new school.  I had a class in this building (6th grade, I think)…a geography class.  I can’t remember the name of the man who taught the class.  He was a tall and angular, very pleasant, well-spoken person and he knew his geography.  Unfortunately, to me, he also had a really strong country accent.  I was a punctilious kid and a smart ass, to boot.  He came in and caught me standing in front of the class mocking his accent (Lima, Peru came out to rhyme with “I-ma Me-too”.  The kids thought it was funny, but they thought it was funnier when he gave me a couple of swift slaps on the butt.
This plaque is on the left side of the door:


It means that the National Youth Administration, then part of the W.P.A., built this in 1939, the last year that group functioned under the W.P.A.  It was disbanded in 1943.

Cove Creek High School

My buddy and I were over on old 421 viewing at a Garage Museum (I’ll post it later) when we looked over and saw what certainly resembled a WPA-era building.  We drove to it and were awed by the scale and style of this old school, Cove Creek High School.  It’s between Sugar Grove and Sherwood NC, in Watauga County, at 36.26318, -81.78538.   It’s an historic site and should be, since it was built by local people using local stone during the Second New Deal in 1941.  I’m not being mean, but schools these days just aren’t this impressive.

Here are the pertinent plaques:


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