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Rainbow Autel



This is called a “pre-1980” view of the Rainbow.  This building replaced an earlier bide-a-wee that had a swooping rainbow sign out front.  I know the Rainbow Autel was here on the Robert E. Lee Highway (Highway 11) in Wise County at Chilhowie in the late 60s, because I would see it as I passed by in a Greyhound bus on the way to Roanoke to visit my brother.  The “autel” caught my attention (I don’t remember anything else about it).  There’s also a public record of an ad placed for the autel in a 1963 Marion (VA)  school yearbook.  I can’t track it back earlier than that with regular internet resources.
By the way, the owners of the Rainbow Autel, when it incorporated in 1972, were Sturgills.  Neither was O.V. Sturgill, but he lived in the area.

On the back:
Rainbow Autel – Restaurant

U.S. Hwy. 11 – Hwy. 107 – Interstate 81 – Exit 13

30 units – Air Conditioned – Cable TV. Russell Stovers Candies.  Heated Pool. Restaurant Connected.  Private Dining Room

American Express, Diners’ Club, NRA, VRA

Phone Area Code 703-646-8411 or 703-646-8462

(vertical: Pub. by Larry D. Webster, Box 14, Abingdon, Va, 24210)

Made by Dexter Press, Inc. West Nyac, New York

Plate 45944-C

Dewey in Wise County VA

Dewey is a community along Hwy 620 (Dewey Road) in Wise County VA.  There is a remarkable lack of information about this place on the internet.  It never had a post office.  It’s not listed in my book of Virginia place names.
This is Dewey School.  It’s located at 37.07986, -82.66158, several miles west of Pound.  I found a reference indicating this school was here in 1916, but that’s it.  It appears to be a community center now.  Even weirder is this place:
This church is just up the hill from the school.  (note that the N in “Zion” is backwards)
I am able to locate exactly zero information about this Old Regular Baptist Church.  It looks well-kept and in service, though.  It’s not listed in any list of churches in Wise County that I could find.
I will, of course, keep looking for information and will update.


West Norton School

This was an elementary school, West Norton School, just outside Norton VA at Dorchester Junction (at the intersection of Kent Junction Road – Hwy 23 – and Junction Road.  I don’t have much more information on the school, except that there was a church behind it at one time.  Just to the right, over Hwy 23, was where the Interstate Railroad had a cross junction with the L&N.  I understand it took careful coordination to avoid collisions.


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