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Snowflake VA

This is Snowflake, Virginia, located at 36.68981, -82.48956.  It’s in Scott County on the Nickelsville Highway, about halfway between Gate City and Nickelsville.  Over a decade ago, this Snowflake General Mercantile was a fairly thriving place, then some guy in Nickelsville bought it and it soon went out of business.  I still have a ruler with the  SGM name on it.  This is the store as it looks now:

Here’s proof, if such is needed, that this is, indeed, Snowflake:

Across the highway is, well, nothing in particular:

When the 911 street naming requirement came to pass, many of the roads intersecting Nickelsville Highway in this area were named in Snowflaky ways, like Sleighbell, Icicle, Bobsled, and the like, until you get closer to Gate City and the roads have names like Revolver and Mcred.  Unsentimental types, those.
I always liked Snowflake and the two mature ladies that ran the store.  I hope they did well when it was abruptly shut down.

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