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Vardy TN


The Vardy Museums in Hancock County, just over Newman’s Ridge from Sneedville.  The 411 is here.

Flat Gap mine


When I was a kid, my stepdad mentioned a zinc mine in Treadway TN.  This is it, but this one picture doesn’t do justice to the rather large site of the Flat Gap Zinc Mine.  The zinc mined here went up to Pennsylvania to be smelted.  But, in the mid-20th century, the price of zinc plummeted.  In April of 1961, the New Jersey Zinc Company closed this place down.  Well, the outstanding amount of ground water they encountered had something to do with the closing, too. This is a replacement building for the metal building further up the hill.  It went up in smoke at some point.
The right side of this building has seen its share of garage sales, apparently, and, on occasion, occupation by vagrants or merrymakers.

The left side of the building abuts a horse exhibition area.  It appears, from assorted manure piles, that horses and cattle have been temporarily lodged there.

Oh, that groundwater?  It’s now pumped into Sneedville for drinking water.  I saw a website where the original plan to do this was posted…and the comments were vicious.  Ad hominem comments with atrocious spelling (I went to school for a while in Sneedville and I know the teachers taught better than that).  Some people just don’t like other people…

Blackwater VA Post Office


Blackwater VA, 24221.  Just over Newman’s Ridge from Sneedville TN.   Want to know more about this community?  Wiki has an entry, sort of.


Hancock County TN School Annex


I’m in Sneedville TN. This stone building was once an annex of sorts to the long-gone Hancock County school that sat where the upper parking lot is for the new school.  I had a class in this building (6th grade, I think)…a geography class.  I can’t remember the name of the man who taught the class.  He was a tall and angular, very pleasant, well-spoken person and he knew his geography.  Unfortunately, to me, he also had a really strong country accent.  I was a punctilious kid and a smart ass, to boot.  He came in and caught me standing in front of the class mocking his accent (Lima, Peru came out to rhyme with “I-ma Me-too”.  The kids thought it was funny, but they thought it was funnier when he gave me a couple of swift slaps on the butt.
This plaque is on the left side of the door:


It means that the National Youth Administration, then part of the W.P.A., built this in 1939, the last year that group functioned under the W.P.A.  It was disbanded in 1943.

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