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Old Natural Tunnel

Interesting view of Natural Tunnel in Scott County VA (I purchased this card exactly 111 years from the date it was mailed, mirabile dictu):



Cox Mill


This is Cox Mill or H. L. Cox Mill, a pastiche of old, 19th century, and newer, 20th century, pieces.  Parts of the foundation look old, with a worn grinding stone embedded in one area of the stonework.  It’s in Scott County on Hwy. 619 (Alley Valley Road) about a quarter mile north of the intersection with 664.

I have read that the big wheel came from a mill further up Alley Valley Road, so the millstone may also have come from there.  In 1973, this mill was listed as in operation, with the owner, a Cox, living there.  It’s hard to see in this picture, but on the building side of the big wheel is a smaller, geared wheel that appears to have been the one that sources note as proving electricity to the home.

The place is totally abandoned and trashed.  A shame, really, since the home must have been comfortable; albeit damp…and cold as Great Claus’s nose in the winter.

Blair’s General Mdse

This is, technically, Blair’s General Mdse, but it’s usually called Blair’s General Store.  It’s on Midway Road at Landfill Lane in Scott County VA.
36 43 45.48N, 82 31 38.75W (copy into Google Earth).

Landfill Lane?  “Life’s a holiday on Landfill Lane”…right.

Any general store worth its salt has a concrete pad…and a pad for a gas pump.

Manville High School

This is now Manville Community Center, but it started out as a wooden structure sometime in the late 1800s.  That building burned in the early 1920s and this solid brick school was completed in 1927.  It remained a high school until 1972 and, by 1974, was a school for handicapped children.  The school closed permanently in 1981.  This is located on Manville Road (Hwy 665) at the intersection of Hwy 664 north of Gate City almost right on the Scott County line.  Metric GPS is 36.67048, -82.64246.
I thank Rita at the Scott County Library in Gate City for all this information.  There was nothing I could find on the web about this school.

Mabe School

This is what remains of Mabe School on Mabe-Stanleytown Road in Scott County VA.  GPS: 36.76289, -82.733661.  There used to be a bell cupola on top.  That’s all the information I have now, but I’m looking.


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