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Shady Valley School


I always enjoy finding schools built by the WPA.
This one, on 133 in Shady Valley TN, was built in 1936.  A plaque certifies it as a WPA structure.
Very nicely fashioned out of local stone.

Wallins School

This school is still open and has an enthusiastic booster website.
These pictures were taken in early June, 2014, as we rolled through Wallins Creek in Kentucky.
First, the school, then the stone that has been erected outside:



Elzo Guthrie Elementary School

Elzo Guthrie Elementary School served the families in and around Pansy KY as far back (as I can determine) as 1955, but was finally closed in the 1980s.  The building was sold to a local businessman who converted the building into some sort of factory, which was shuttered about 10 or so years ago.  The building is now totally stripped out and vandalized (paint ball wars!).  Because of the tight fencing around the building, the heavy greenery, and the siting, I was only able to get a decent picture of what was probably the original front of the school.  I didn’t take any pictures of the interior because, well, one stripped-out building looks pretty much like any other.  I’m told that in 1993 there were 16 schools in Harlan County…now there are only 9.  Oh, I looked up Elzo Guthrie.  Not a guy you’d want to mess with.

West Norton School

This was an elementary school, West Norton School, just outside Norton VA at Dorchester Junction (at the intersection of Kent Junction Road – Hwy 23 – and Junction Road.  I don’t have much more information on the school, except that there was a church behind it at one time.  Just to the right, over Hwy 23, was where the Interstate Railroad had a cross junction with the L&N.  I understand it took careful coordination to avoid collisions.


Ermine High School

The former Ermine High School, that is.  Built in 1944.  This is in Ermine KY, in Letcher County.  Why is the place called Ermine?  The Wiki says that a post office was established in the community in 1904.  Guess what the name was of the first Postmaster?  Ermine Webb.  Hmmm.


McRoberts Elementary School

McRoberts Community, outside Jenkins KY, has been around since 1912 or so.  It was a Consolidated Coal town.  The original McRoberts Elementary came into being around a century ago.  This incarnation, as such, was closed last year, according to a news story on a local TV station.


Mabe School

This is what remains of Mabe School on Mabe-Stanleytown Road in Scott County VA.  GPS: 36.76289, -82.733661.  There used to be a bell cupola on top.  That’s all the information I have now, but I’m looking.


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