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Old Natural Tunnel

Interesting view of Natural Tunnel in Scott County VA (I purchased this card exactly 111 years from the date it was mailed, mirabile dictu):



Draper’s Valley, Pulaski VA

Standard postcard size, printed probably by Tichnor Brothers, Boston, and published by Asheville Post Card Company.  Here’s the link to the historic marker shown on the card. 



State Street, Bristol TN/VA


Here we are in Bristol on State Street in the 1920s, looking west.  This is an E.C. Kropp Co. of Milwaukee issue, inventory number 19310. It’s number 10 in a series. I don’t have access to the inventory records of this company, but I can guess, from other examples of Kropp inventory numbers on dated cards on the internet, that this number falls in the 20s.
The card required a 1 cent stamp, which places it between 1919 and 1925 (the postal rate was 2 cents during the war, then 1 cent after the war ended, then 2 cents again in 1925).
And the cars look 20s-style to me.
Also, it’s a crappy card.  It’s half-tone printed, originally a black-and-white image that was tinted at the publishing company.  Note that the shadows indicate that the sun is nearly overhead, but the tinting of the sky makes it look like a sunset.

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