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Forks of the River



This is called “Forks of the River”, east of Knoxville TN.  Above the rivers, to the left, is where the community of Asbury now sits.  High in the center, the white spot, is a marble quarry that has been active since the late 1800s.  The marble is called Tennessee marble and lacks the crystallization of true marble.  I read this.  Personally, I can’t tell the difference between marble and peat moss.

The card, printed by Curt Teich of Chicago and distributed by Asheville Post Card Company, dates to before 1952,  when the price of a stamp went to two cents.

Aero Barber Shop


Here it is at 6829 Clinton Highway, just out of Knoxville TN.
According to Tim Cable, who did a story on the building when he was working for WJHL-TV, the airplane-shaped building dates from the 30s and began as a Texaco gas station.  The “wing” toward the highway sheltered the pumps.  Neat place.

Along the Chapman Highway

A couple of former resting places:
This is, of course, in Seymour TN.  Appears to be a motel from the 50s.
The erstwhile Parkway Hotel, just outside metro Knoxville.  The guy who runs the pawn shop down the way told me that this hotel was a quite nice establishment back in the 50s.  Restaurant, ballroom, strange looking windows, everything.  It’s now apparently derelict.  The “Good Food” sign is from a more recent restaurant.


Luten Bridge


A few months ago, I got a comment on a post I’d done on a Luten bridge in Southwest Virginia.  The person commenting said he’d run across a Luten bridge on an old highway out of Knoxville.  I think this this the one he was referring to.  We found it by accident.  I was taking a picture of the New Market Post Office when my buddy noticed an interesting building behind the Post Office.  As we drove around the area behind the Post Office, we, as usual, looked for a date plate on this bridge and found it to have been built in 1921 by Luten Bridge Company of Knoxville.  The interesting building, btw, wasn’t all that interesting.

To be specific, this short concrete arch bridge crosses Lost Creek in New Market, Jefferson County, TN.  This is Old A. J. Highway (A. J. is “Andrew Johnson”).  Behind me is Piedmont Road and up ahead is Park Street.  The bridge is at 36,100584, -83.549962.

Maynardville TN

Drive along old US 33 in Maynardville TN (Union County) and you’ll run across one of these signs:

This refers to a movie called “Thunder Road“.  The screenplay came from a story written by Robert Mitchum, who also starred in the movie, produced it and sang the theme song.  It was released in 1958 and was hugely popular in East Tennessee, anyway.  We all knew the theme song, which mentions him “screaming by Maynardville” on one of his moonshine runs.  Rumor had it that some scenes were shot around Knoxville, but the only location shooting cited on imdb.com was in Asheville.
“The law they swore they’d get him, but the devil got him first.”
Oh, and Roy Acuff was born in Maynardville, too.

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