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Hillsville VA


They were ready for Halloween at the annual Hillsville Flea Market and Gun Show.  This was taken Saturday, September 3.  The Flea Market was, as usual, packed.  The organizers claim to have an attendance, over a 4-day period, of 500,000.  I believe it.  My walking app on my phone showed me getting 10,128 steps (4.58 miles) when I got back to the car…and we’d faded on going to another part of the event.  Very pleasant weather until around noon, when it began to heat up.
And, yet, in the middle of all these people, on the main street, which because of all the pedestrians, was barely two vehicles wide, in came a Trump-Pence full-size bus, stopping every half block to sell yard signs and stuff (they may have been giving them away…either way, some lady nearly speared me with one of those yard signs.  I regret that I spoke rudely to her).  Then the police moved them along.

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