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Sutton Hall, Millligan College

Sutton Hall, as it appeared in the early 60s.  The Unknown Collector acquired this card in 1962, which is probably around the time the picture was taken.  The caption on the back calls it “one of the newer buildings on the campus”.  Joyce Haynes took the photo.  Published by Haynes Publishing Company in Roanoke.  Printed by Dexter of West Nyack NY.
The building is much changed now.

Washington College Academy

From the early 60s.  Carnegie Building at the Academy.  Credit line is “PIONEER PRINTERS, A Student Industry of Washington College Academy, Washington College, Tenn.”  However, the photographer was Joyce L. Haynes, who was part owner of Haynes Publishing Company out of Roanoke.

Hawkins County Memorial Hospital

This view of the hospital probably dates to the year after it opened; although, I can’t imagine any hospital having a completely empty parking lot, at any time.  The date in ink on the top of the card is when The Unknown Collector acquired the card.  TUC seems to have collected Haynes Publishing cards, for some reason.

The hospital certainly looks different today.

Aerail view – Bristol, Va.- Tenn.

bristolfront bristolback

This card had faded somewhat, so I brought the color up and used an all-purpose unsharp mask.  It’s a Haynes Publishing Company (Roanoke VA) issue from the early 60s.  Haynes cards that haven’t had a lot of light exposure tend to have bright colors.  Joyce Haynes and C. H. Ruth, the agents who shot all the pictures in the area, were probably using Kodachrome.  Damn fine film.

The title on the front, btw, is the font called “Brush script” in Microsoft Word.  Back then, they were probably carving each letter out of soapstone or something…

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