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Old Grocery Stores

You are now visiting Hawkins County TN.

This is on Stanley Valley Road.  The sign reads, I think, “Blar’s Grocery”.

bar grocery


This one, on Caney Valley Road at Fields Gap Road, is the former R E ROLLER GRO

Both of these were taken with a Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 HS.  They’ve been Photoshopped only to improve contrast.  I blew out the photon wells when I took the first one, but the second one is a little better.

Stone Mountain Elementary School


Classy school, logs and all.  This, again according to the notation on the topo map of this area, is Stone Mountain Elementary School at 122 Price Road in Hawkins County.  It’s near Pressman’s Home, now rather airily known as “Camelot” (I got to go on an elementary school field trip to Pressman’s Home around 1956 or so.  It was an impressive place).  It was a valid elementary school in 1955 (I found a page of the Rogersville newspaper that listed its graduating class of that year).  Otherwise, I’m still researching this one.


Rock Hill Elementary School


The topo map of this area, on Highway 70 in Hawkins County, near Eidson, identifies this as Rock Hill School.  I don’t know when it was built, but it looks sort of 30s-ish and I believe it closed in the mid-80s.  Obviously, it became a fire station after that.


Blackwater High School

My buddy had spotted about 20 schools on the topo maps of Hawkins and Hancock Counties in Tennessee and Lee County in Virginia. Recently, we drove a long, looping tour that took us to each of them…some were long gone, some in really bad shape and some were just fine, as is this smart looking school on the A .J. Osborne Highway near Blackwater VA.  Indeed, it is Blackwater High School, opened in 1925 and closed in 1971.  Here’s a website that takes a look at Blackwater VA and its colorful history.
However, as I closely looked at the school building I noticed those two vents below the windows.  I saw this:

“VSBE”?  I had to wait until I got back to find out what it means: Virginia State Board of Education.
As long as that building survives, it will always tell those who closely look that it was once a school.

Rice’s (no, Hord) Mill, Church Hill TN

These pictures are of Rice’s Mill, off Hwy. 11W at 36.520177, -82.745222 in Hawkins County.  The sign explains the original structure, thought to have been either at this site or near to it.  Some speculate that the foundation may be original…who knows?)  Other pix show the extant building from two angles, a look at one of the massive millstones and a shot of one of the Savage & Tyler Knoxville Round Belt Scalpers (Savage &  Tyler, thus combined, came into being in 1893 on Cumberland and Second in Knoxville).  This roller flouring mill had something to do with separating the grain as it came from the milling stones, I think (I was out sick the day they taught milling in school).  Warning!  This is private property.  (I had a brief flirtation with the idea that this was actually Hord’s Mill, but later clarity revealed that Hord’s Mill is further up the Creek, which happens to be Hord Creek…it empties into the Holston River across from Hord Island.)






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