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Mountain City & Richlands

Not one, but two, grts (greetings) from Mountain City TN and one from Richlands VA.  These are generic scenes with the grts added.  These cards are from the late 1930s to early 1940s.   There’s not a lot of information on the numbering system of Tichnor Brothers printers in Boston, just that the 6000 – 8000 series was produced “between 1930 and 1945” or so.  The backs on these postally-unused cards are identical.  And I paid more than 50 cents for each card…trust me.





Greetings from Gate City Virginia


This is one of Asheville Post Card Company’s generic “Greetings from ____ Virginia” cards.
The “Gate City” is obviously an overprint.  Generally, “greetings from” cards are called “grts” in the trade.
On the back:
Nickname – Old Dominion
1940 Population – 2,677,773 (it’s about 8,000,000 now)
Area in Sq. Miles – 42,627 (it’s listed at 42,775 in 2015)
Entered the Union, June 25, 1788

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