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Nolichucky Dam


Nolichucky Dam, Greene County TN. I found this in a plastic bag of old photos I picked up at an antique store.  This is a small picture: the picture itself (without the margins) is just 3″ x 2″.

A very similar picture is shown on the Tennessee Archives website.  That picture is dated to 1946.  This would have been shortly after TVA acquired the dam, which began operating in 1913.  In 1972, after too much sediment built up in Davy Crockett Lake to allow electrical generation, TVA shut the dam down and removed the equipment.

I read that there have been attempts to convert the dam into some sort of tourist attraction, but, to date, TVA is not amused.

Massey-Harris Tractor


This is a Canadian Massey-Harris tractor, a 44, probably from around 1951.  The company was in business from 1891 to 1953 or so.  This was sitting in the sunlight at the intersection of Cedar Creek Road and Allens Bridge Road in Greene County TN.  Here’s the serial number.  I think it’s 762485 M.

Walkertown Elementary School


This is in Greene County TN, just off Walkertown Road between Highway 93 and Headrick Lane, behind a refuse collection area (digital coordinates: 36.260136, -82.753948).  I thank Don Miller, Director of the Greeneville/Greene County Public Library for information on this derelict old school. Walkertown Elementary School was active between 1938 and 1949.  Because of the chain link fence around the collection area, I wasn’t able to get a clean shot of the building.  We walked over and looked around.  It’s filled with junk, but was, at one time, a quality building with, I think, a cloakroom just inside the front door.  Here’s a close look at the front (I wonder where the bell went…):


Baileyton School

This is in Greene County TN.  Baileyton School is a low and wide brick building, hard to get one comprehensive picture of, so, since it’s not particularly distinct in an architectural way, I opted to show the story.  First the sign that’s on a small brick building in front of the school:


Now, that’s proof of the school.  In the building is a bell:


It was created by Buckeye Bell Foundry (Cincinnati OH/still in business) in 1883 and presented by Capt. B. M. Bailey to Oakland Seminary, Laurel Gap, TN (Laurel Gap is a natural passageway through the Bays Mountains to Hawkins County).  Laurel Gap was the name Baileyton went by early in the 19th century, presumably until the settlement was incorporated as “Baileyton” in 1915 (according to “Tennessee Placenames” by Larry L. Miller).  And now, the rest of the story:


I haven’t found out yet why it was called “Oakland Seminary”, but I will.

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