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Wiley Oakley Postcard

oakleyfront oakleyback

This is one of those deals in which the back of the card is more important than the front.  It’s from Wiley Oakley, the “Roamin’ Man of the Mountains”, a master tracker and woodsman.  His knowledge of the area around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was legendary.
I can’t really make out the date on the postmark.  At first, I thought it was “1931”.  Now, the Curt Teich published card carries the alphanumeric code: 4A-H696.  This, I think, puts the card issuance as 1934 or so, which is when the Park officially came into existence.  I think the postmark wasn’t fully imprinted and the line I thought was a “1” is really just the left part of an incomplete number.  I can’t find any “Wilmott” associated with the Staten Island Museum (still in business).

So, anyway, Wiley writes: “arived (sic) safe and sound last night.  this was some trip up east.  I enjoyed my stay with you very much.  Will write you later again. having to do a lot of talking. yours wiley oakley”

Mailed to” Mr. Wilmott c/o Staten Island Museum, Staten Island, New York”

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