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Dickenson County VA


If possible, I always read these signs.  This one got me because I was intrigued that the writer described W.J. Dickenson (who otherwise remains shadowy on the net) as a “prominent public man”.  He actually served as a delegate to the Virginia General Assembly in terms from 1854 to 1882.  He sponsored the bill to establish Dickenson as Virginia’s 100th county and to name it (blush) in honor of himself.

Pilot Knob School


Pilot Knob School is in Dickenson County VA on Smith Ridge west of Nora.  According to “School and Community History of Dickenson County, Virginia”, edited by Dennis Reedy and published by Overmountain Press in 1994, this frame building dates to around 1925 (to replace a log structure across the road which had burned down a year or so earlier) to serve the families of the Big Oak Community.

This is looking inside the building from the cloak room.  The front door is to my right.

Sulphur Springs School

The Dickenson County VA Historical Society kindly supplied me with the following information about this school (it wasn’t available anywhere on the web):
“Sulphur Springs School was built in 1875 on land donated by William Sutherland.  The original building was sold in 1907 to John Wright; a new building was erected in spring of 1907.  One of the first teachers listed was in 1877 – William F. Grizzle.
If you want more information, a story was written and appears in “The School and Community History” published by Mountain People and Places.  The Historical Society does have a few of these books for sale at $45 each, plus shipping and handling.  It is our understanding that no more of these books will be printed and we purchased these books used.”
Click here to go to the Dickenson County VA Historical Society.
The school is on Hwy 625 near Tiny VA at 37.10502, -82.23430:

Haysi VA Post Office

Mr. Hayter and Mr. Sypher ran a small store here.  Whether the store was called Haysi or, as in the case of Coeburn, someone else decided to do a name mashup after the fact, nevertheless, the community became Haysi.  This is the Post Office.


Tiny VA

Sure is (there are just a couple of homes).  It’s actually listed along with Ervinton.  This is at the intersection of Hwys 625 and 687  in Dickenson County VA.

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