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The Mill Pond, Burkes Garden, Virginia


The Mill Pond, Burkes Garden, Virginia
Silverglo, BRISTOL, VA.  6 A 5

This links to the wiki for Burke’s (or Burke) Garden.

This is a Real Photo Postcard printed, I think, by Kelly & Green in Bristol.  It was printed on DOPS paper, which was available from 1925 to 1942.  K&G took most of their scenics before WWII.  I would say a date of late 30s would be good for this picture.

Post Office, Burkes Garden VA

Some time ago, I was rhapsodizing about Burkes Garden, up in Tazewell Va (37.098455, -81.340109).  I posted some pix, but I don’t think I posted this shot of the Post Office there (I just looked and I had, but I took it down so I wouldn’t have to redo this post).  Here it is:

Burkes Garden: God’s Land

Burkes Garden, in Tazewell County, Virginia, that is.  When I first saw it on a raised plastic topo map, I though it looked as if someone had taken their thumb and squashed it into the mountain.  Go to Google Earth and enter: 37.098190, -81.340871 and you’ll center in right at the post office (the picture of it is below)…the sign says Burkes Garden God’s Land.  Here’s a link to the Wiki entry…interesting story.  But it’s a beautiful place to take your bike and just enjoy the birds, the scenery and the relative quiet.  If you come in from the Wythe county side, the road’s a little rough.  It’s easier to come in from Tazewell.  If you come that way, you’ll quickly see the dam and small lake, then move a little on and look at the view

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