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Bristol VA, Two Hotels


This one is the older of the two, built, according to a Bud Phillips article in a 2105 issue of the Bristol Herald Courier, in 1910-12.  The card was printed in 1950.



This card was also printed in 1950.  The article mentioned above states that this hotel was built in the 1920s.

Coincidentally, both hotels went away in the 70s.  Hotel Bristol, abandoned by then, burned down.  The Shelby was demolished.

A couple of notes: The sign “Hotel Bristol” has been enhanced by a retoucher, as has the sign for the Shelby.  All the windows have shades.  All are exactly at exactly the same level.  Retouching, again, I’m sure.

Sugar Hollow Park wetlands

Sugar Hollow Park is in north Bristol, Virginia.  It may first strike you as a recreational area, which it is, but it’s also all about water.

This creek you’ll see as you drive in, but park and walk on up to what is actually an earthen dam and behind it lies the wetlands:

And you may even meet this old dude, who checks to see if you’re going to throw any food his way.

When he figured out we were just taking pictures, he swam off.

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