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I’ll bet that on the nights that the Centerview (Cocke County TN) Elementary School Falcons play, this little booth beckons in the parents and close friends.  It’s hard to get a decent crowd at an elementary school football game.  And I bet it was hot in there in the early autumn evenings.  Indian Summer, and all that.

Two Small Kentucky Post Offices

Myra KY.  On 610 north of Dorton, Pike County.  The first Post Office was established in this community in 1905.  Myra was the daughter of the first Postmaster, Marquis Greer (“Kentucky Place Names” Robert M. Rennick 1984)

Jonancy KY, north of Myra, Pike County. This was a later Post Office, founded in 1919, after WWI.  The Post Office was named for two employees, Joe Hudson (bookkeeper) and Nancy Ratliff (timekeeper)  (“Kentucky Place Names” Robert M. Rennick 1984).

Amonate VA

Okay, let’s get this stated first: the locals tell us it’s pronounced ammo-NOT-uh. The local historian wasn’t available when we were there, so we don’t know the origin of the name. It doesn’t appear to be Italian nor Spanish.  Naming of coal towns was often capricious.
The town is northeast of Bandy VA on 624 about a mile or so from the West Virginia line.  Consol owns a huge tract of coalfield around here.  It’s all met (metallurgical) coal, reportedly 250 million tons of it.  A press release from 2011 stated that Consol was opening up its mine here and expected to be bringing out over 400,000 tons per year.   The locals that we talked to didn’t know anything about this.
Here’s one of the churches, maybe the only one:

Street view:

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