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Draper’s Valley, Pulaski VA

Standard postcard size, printed probably by Tichnor Brothers, Boston, and published by Asheville Post Card Company.  Here’s the link to the historic marker shown on the card. 



Greetings from Boone

grtsnc grtsncback

Actually, it’s “Greetings from North Carolina”.  It was cheaper to order these overprinted cards than setting up a whole new Boone postcard.  Thrift is good, but there’s really no memorial to the First Flight in Boone.  Oh, it’s the sentiment, you see.
This is an Asheville Post Card issue from, maybe, the early 50s.  It has clear inventory numbers, but I can’t tell what company actually printed the card.  Numbers with nothing to relate to are just wild in nature.

Dale Neely Bridge

daleneely daleneelyback

This card took me a couple of hours to sort out.  I first learned that this bridge, over Watauga Lake, has been known as Butler Memorial Bridge since before 1960 (the earliest topo map I could find).  However, when the picture of this bridge was taken, in 1949 probably* the bridge was called the Dale Neely Bridge, named for the Dale Neely Branch near its southern abutment.  Note that the card refers to it as “Dale-Neely”, as if it were named for two people.  That’s not uncommon.  Asheville Post Card Company called the library in Johnson City the “Mayne-Williams” library.

Watauga Dam was completed in 1948 and this bridge was constructed in 1948.  “Dale Neely” was either a provisional name, or possibly the name of the lower bridge that this one replaced, which was later quietly brushed aside to provide a memorial for the town of Butler, lo, these many years beneath the waters of the lake.   Everything you would ever want to know about this bridge is here.

*The card was printed by Curt Teich in Chicago.  Its inventory number is OC-H449. “OC” indicates 1950 as the year of its printing.

Tate Springs Inn, Kingswood School, Bean Station TN

tatespringsinnfront tatespringsinnback

kingswoodschool kingswoodschoolback

The top card is from the 1930s, C.T. American Art Colored (that’s just a phase Curt Teich Post Cards was going through in the 30s), published by Asheville Post Card Co., Asheville, N.C.
This is the bathhouse/swimming pool.  The big Tate Springs Hotel is behind the photographer.  Look closely, there are quite a few people enjoying a sunny day.  On the back (undated) is “Dear Mrs. Nance Please accept my thanks to you and the entire class for the beautiful flowers and the ice cream.  I hope to be with  you soon. Much Love, Louise”  Address is Mrs. A.M. Nance, Rutledge, Tenn.  The numbers are in a different hand (the pencil lead is chipped, too).  The one cent stamp places it in the right decade, too.

The bottom card, certainly just a decade younger, shows no people (they could have easily been airbrushed out), but all else seems to be the same.  It’s linen-finished, also published by Asheville Post Card Company and I thought it was also printed by Curt Teich, but the inventory number doesn’t fit.  This one also refers to Kingswood as being “near Morristown”, while the top one refers to “Tate Springs, Tenn.”

Greetings from Gate City Virginia


This is one of Asheville Post Card Company’s generic “Greetings from ____ Virginia” cards.
The “Gate City” is obviously an overprint.  Generally, “greetings from” cards are called “grts” in the trade.
On the back:
Nickname – Old Dominion
1940 Population – 2,677,773 (it’s about 8,000,000 now)
Area in Sq. Miles – 42,627 (it’s listed at 42,775 in 2015)
Entered the Union, June 25, 1788

Plate #72220

Norris Dam

“571:-T. V. A. Proposed Norris Dam and Lake on Clinch River, Tennessee”
This is an Asheville Post Card issue that was developed from a TVA pre-construction drawing of Norris Dam.  Norris was built between 1933 and 1936.  If you go to Google Earth and enter “Norris Dam” you’ll see that the finished dam looks pretty much like this.  Not bad for nearly 80 years.
However, this is what makes this card interesting:
This is an RPO, a railroad post office, processed card.  In the round postmark: CIN. & CHAT. TR 43 APR 23 1935
In the blue inscription:
The proposed Norris Dam project is being built by the Tennessee Valley Authority (T.V.A.) and is to be the center of the power development of the South by the U.S.  It is located on Clinch River in Tennessee, just below the point where Cove Creek joins, therefore was originally known as Cove Creek Dam.  The dam proper of reinforced concrete will be almost 250 ft. high and 1800 ft. wide.  The estimated cost is thirty-five million dollars and will take approximately three years to complete it.  The lake will flood around 80 sq. miles of land and will have a shore line of over 800 miles.

In the message area:

6:00 P.M.
Danville KY
Still going strong.  Bill

Addressed to:

Ota Looney
Route 9
Greeneville Tenn

Apparently, Asheville Post Card Company’s slogan in the 30s was “In the Heart of the Blue Ridge”.  It’s in the blue circle to bottom left.
The blue circle on the right is a union designator, I think.  I dislike being vague, but I can’t tie this down to any specific thing…in the past, I’ve seen symbols in this area that clearly were union originated.


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