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“Bill” From Clinchco




Published by Southern Post Card Company, Asheville.  So far, I haven’t dug up any information on this company.

Asheville Outdoor Art

These are a sampling of some of the incredible outdoor art/murals/graffiti we ambled through, amazed at the quality of the work.  We were in the River Arts District off Lyman into the area around Old Lyman and Foundry Streets, where a dozen or so old buildings are almost completely covered with artwork.  Some, like the Homer one below, speak of much planning and expertise.  This stuff isn’t Banksy, but it’s choice.  Hats off to these artists!

If any of these artists would like credit for their work, comment me and I’ll add it to this page.

Tate Springs Inn, Kingswood School, Bean Station TN

tatespringsinnfront tatespringsinnback

kingswoodschool kingswoodschoolback

The top card is from the 1930s, C.T. American Art Colored (that’s just a phase Curt Teich Post Cards was going through in the 30s), published by Asheville Post Card Co., Asheville, N.C.
This is the bathhouse/swimming pool.  The big Tate Springs Hotel is behind the photographer.  Look closely, there are quite a few people enjoying a sunny day.  On the back (undated) is “Dear Mrs. Nance Please accept my thanks to you and the entire class for the beautiful flowers and the ice cream.  I hope to be with  you soon. Much Love, Louise”  Address is Mrs. A.M. Nance, Rutledge, Tenn.  The numbers are in a different hand (the pencil lead is chipped, too).  The one cent stamp places it in the right decade, too.

The bottom card, certainly just a decade younger, shows no people (they could have easily been airbrushed out), but all else seems to be the same.  It’s linen-finished, also published by Asheville Post Card Company and I thought it was also printed by Curt Teich, but the inventory number doesn’t fit.  This one also refers to Kingswood as being “near Morristown”, while the top one refers to “Tate Springs, Tenn.”

Maynardville TN

Drive along old US 33 in Maynardville TN (Union County) and you’ll run across one of these signs:

This refers to a movie called “Thunder Road“.  The screenplay came from a story written by Robert Mitchum, who also starred in the movie, produced it and sang the theme song.  It was released in 1958 and was hugely popular in East Tennessee, anyway.  We all knew the theme song, which mentions him “screaming by Maynardville” on one of his moonshine runs.  Rumor had it that some scenes were shot around Knoxville, but the only location shooting cited on imdb.com was in Asheville.
“The law they swore they’d get him, but the devil got him first.”
Oh, and Roy Acuff was born in Maynardville, too.

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