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Appalachia Waterworks

In 1918, a decade after Appalachia was officially created, a dam was constructed about 750′ above the town (the dam is at 36.902506, -82.752358).

It creates a sizable reservoir (I didn’t measure it.  You can, if you want to) with a pleasant hiking trail around it.

The original waterworks (Monopoly!) are derelict, but, since they were made of concrete, they’re hanging in there.

They had long use, as you can see by the deterioration of the concrete post in this settling pond.

There’s new equipment nearby, so Appalachia, once a grand and busy town, will continue to have water for years to come; although, they don’t have the shortest railroad tunnel in the United States, no matter what “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” said (It’s Bee Rock tunnel.  I’ll have it posted soon at thetunneldiaries.com)

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