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Blackwater High School

My buddy had spotted about 20 schools on the topo maps of Hawkins and Hancock Counties in Tennessee and Lee County in Virginia. Recently, we drove a long, looping tour that took us to each of them…some were long gone, some in really bad shape and some were just fine, as is this smart looking school on the A .J. Osborne Highway near Blackwater VA.  Indeed, it is Blackwater High School, opened in 1925 and closed in 1971.  Here’s a website that takes a look at Blackwater VA and its colorful history.
However, as I closely looked at the school building I noticed those two vents below the windows.  I saw this:

“VSBE”?  I had to wait until I got back to find out what it means: Virginia State Board of Education.
As long as that building survives, it will always tell those who closely look that it was once a school.

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