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Cox Mill


This is Cox Mill or H. L. Cox Mill, a pastiche of old, 19th century, and newer, 20th century, pieces.  Parts of the foundation look old, with a worn grinding stone embedded in one area of the stonework.  It’s in Scott County on Hwy. 619 (Alley Valley Road) about a quarter mile north of the intersection with 664.

I have read that the big wheel came from a mill further up Alley Valley Road, so the millstone may also have come from there.  In 1973, this mill was listed as in operation, with the owner, a Cox, living there.  It’s hard to see in this picture, but on the building side of the big wheel is a smaller, geared wheel that appears to have been the one that sources note as proving electricity to the home.

The place is totally abandoned and trashed.  A shame, really, since the home must have been comfortable; albeit damp…and cold as Great Claus’s nose in the winter.

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2 thoughts on “Cox Mill

  1. Sara Cox on said:

    Hey there, that’s a great photo of the old house. I am the owner of the mill’s niece, if you wanted to know any more information on the place I’d be happy to share. It is trashed because a group of delinquents came in during the night and smashed all the glass and broke anything that was left standing, also Mother Nature seems to be taking the land back into her posession but once again, wonderful photo. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    • Thank you for your comments! I kind of figured that vandals had been at the place. We’ve seen this same type of damage in many, many places. And thank you for the offer of information. I’m satisfied that you had no issue with the limited amount of research I did.

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