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How Natural Tunnel Used to Look


This is how the area looked before it became a state park in the late 60s.
The railroad built the line through this tunnel is 1893.  Can you imagine what the area around this tunnel looked like in the latter days of the 19th century?
To its credit, the park service has done good job in making the tunnel accessible, but not dangerously so.


The acquisition date across the bottom is misleading, I think.  I’d date this card to the early 50s.  The tunnel, btw, is not 1557′ long…it’s 850′.

Two Old Theatres

It’s rare to find one old, rusty movie theatre as we roll from town to town like some 21st century Virgil Q. Wacks.  But, to find two.  Score!
This one’s in Middlesboro KY.  It ran the big movies from 1948 to the early 80s, which is interesting, because this theatre
in Ewing VA, has a similar date span.   It’s almost completely gutted. Behind the board fence on the left, you can look down and see that it’s effectively a three-story building.

Jonesville VA


The ol’ Water Plant.  No water, but a big pine tree.
Actually, it may have pumped water from a spring and then chlorinated it.
Jonesville dates from 1794 (Hanson, Virginia Place Names, says 1792).

Greetings from Boone

grtsnc grtsncback

Actually, it’s “Greetings from North Carolina”.  It was cheaper to order these overprinted cards than setting up a whole new Boone postcard.  Thrift is good, but there’s really no memorial to the First Flight in Boone.  Oh, it’s the sentiment, you see.
This is an Asheville Post Card issue from, maybe, the early 50s.  It has clear inventory numbers, but I can’t tell what company actually printed the card.  Numbers with nothing to relate to are just wild in nature.

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