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Copper Creek Corporation


This square building at 36 49 13.53N, 82 16 17.55W, overlooking Highway 71 about .9 mile toward Dickensonville VA from the Dorton’s Fort historic marker,  has puzzled me for several years.  We always seemed to whiz past it and speculate about it, but never stopped to actually look at it.  I did so today.  It was the office of:

Turner A. Gilmer, Jr., according to my research, died in 2011 at 90 years of age.  His father was a banker and his mother was in journalism.
Turner A., Jr. lived in Castlewood.   The corporation was in farming and livestock.

Looking inside the building, I saw a big world map hanging on the far side window, apparently to block the late afternoon sun.  There were working tables, a drafting table, a boat anchor of a computer and CRT and miscellaneous papers and files.  It looked pretty abandoned.

Great place for an office.  360 degree view!  And right across the highway is this:


It’s an A-frame of some sort, but the door is wide open.  I can see it on Google Earth at 36 48 46.82N, 82 15 46.83W, but there doesn’t appear to be easy access to it.  There was a road once, but it’s overgrown.  Surprisingly, it’s only about 370 or so feet above the highway.

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4 thoughts on “Copper Creek Corporation

  1. Mike H on said:

    My wife grew up down the road, she’s told me that building was built for keeping an eye on the cattle.

  2. Wallace Kiser, Jr. on said:

    Knew Turner Gilmer through his affiliations with the Boy Scout program and attended a training session in that building years ago. The A-frame building across the road was a teenage project of his son, Ashby Gilmer who used it for a place to hang out . Ashby now has a son of his own who, according to his dad, may get to use it when he gets old enough.

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