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State Street, Bristol TN/VA


Here we are in Bristol on State Street in the 1920s, looking west.  This is an E.C. Kropp Co. of Milwaukee issue, inventory number 19310. It’s number 10 in a series. I don’t have access to the inventory records of this company, but I can guess, from other examples of Kropp inventory numbers on dated cards on the internet, that this number falls in the 20s.
The card required a 1 cent stamp, which places it between 1919 and 1925 (the postal rate was 2 cents during the war, then 1 cent after the war ended, then 2 cents again in 1925).
And the cars look 20s-style to me.
Also, it’s a crappy card.  It’s half-tone printed, originally a black-and-white image that was tinted at the publishing company.  Note that the shadows indicate that the sun is nearly overhead, but the tinting of the sky makes it look like a sunset.

Four Kentucky Post Offices


Eastern KY.  It’s on Highway 80, near Langley KY


Wayland KY. Clarence Wayland was a U.S. Senator.


Topmost KY.  Knott County.  Place used to be called “Republican”


Kite KY.  Knott County.  Named for the bird, I read.

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