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Seco KY

This used to be the main offices of the South East Coal Company in Seco (get it?  South East Coal?  Wink, wink, nudge, nudge…) Kentucky.  This building is now the well-regarded Highland Winery.  Seco got its Post office in 1915.  Here’s what it looks like now.  They have to share their parking spaces with the church next door (which appeared to be abandoned):


Lackey KY Post Office

I like these Post offices the best. I appreciate the modern Post Offices, but these older ones seem to have more style about them.

The concrete post by the mail box has “1942” incised in it.  I thought at first it was a date marker…but, for what?  The first Post office here was established in 1880.  Lackey also had a C&O train station at one time.

This is in Floyd County.

Bevinsville and Melvin KY


The Post Office at Melvin KY, on KY Route 122.


And this is Bevinsville KY Post Office.

Normally, I rely on two sources for information on the places I post – a book on Kentucky place names and, of course, Google.  This time, I couldn’t find diddly on either of these locations.  Annoying.

Red, White and Printer

This is the Post Office for Printer KY, in Floyd County.  It was all decked out for Independence Day a year ago.

The first Post Office came here in 1909.  The unincorporated community was named for a local resident, John Printer.

Black Mountain Coal Corp.

This is a first-class remnant of the coal industry: a concrete collar for mine #30 of The Black Mountain Corporation.  It’s a couple hundred feet above Kenvir (KENtucky – VIRginia) KY.  The corporation was owned by Samuel Insull’s Peabody Coal.  It operated as Black Mountain from 1922 – 1952 and as Peabody from 1953 – 1958.  It appears that the collar has collapsed down onto the bermed shaft.
This requires an ATV or 4-wheel drive vehicle to get to, due to road erosion.  If you’re sharp-eyed, you can still see remnants of the conveyor that carried the coal down to Kenvir.  There were a number of mines in this immediate area, but, as far as I know, this is the only on with a finished opening.
36 5055.4N, 83 0921.7W

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