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Old Company Store


This neglected building was once the company store for the Cornett-Lewis Coal Company in Louellen KY.  You have to give it to the coal companies, when they built for business or for municipal favor, they built strong.

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4 thoughts on “Old Company Store

  1. Ernestt doan on said:

    Is this still standing? What about coal camp? Grandfather aunt and cousins lived in that camp until @ 1956

    • It was, as of a few months ago. The coal camp is mostly gone. There’s a lake now where 24 or so homes used to be. Check it out on Google Earth. We see so much of this – old coal towns, slowly mouldering away.

  2. Ernie doam on said:

    What about the trestle at clouds curve just before you get to louellen? There was a swinging bridge and a small theater. Are any of these left?

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