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Old Kentucky Coal Mine

I can tell you this is in Harlan County KY.  It’s NE of Holmes Mill.  But I doubt you’ll never find this aging remnant of a bygone coal mine.  We would have never EVER (did I mention EVER?) found it if a local hadn’t pointed out the way (thank you, again, sir, and I hope you got the couple of squirrels you were hunting for).  There is evidence of a conveyor near this adit, so it must have been outputting a fair amount of product at one time. However, the roof is sagging, the steel is rusting and the whole thing appears to be on the way to that great coal mine in the sky.
Near the opening, someone has stuck a tree limb between the floor and the overhead steel for support. Uh-oh.

This is probably not the proper time to bring this up, but my Mom could fry the heck out of squirrel and do a great gravy.  I had to skin the damn things, though.  I’ll never be a surgeon…

Blair’s General Mdse

This is, technically, Blair’s General Mdse, but it’s usually called Blair’s General Store.  It’s on Midway Road at Landfill Lane in Scott County VA.
36 43 45.48N, 82 31 38.75W (copy into Google Earth).

Landfill Lane?  “Life’s a holiday on Landfill Lane”…right.

Any general store worth its salt has a concrete pad…and a pad for a gas pump.

Excellent Map Site

If you are able to read topographic (USGS) maps, you might enjoy this site.  It has topos dating back to the 30s. And, if you’re a map rat like me, this is a delightfully time-consuming site.



The World’s Fair


This is a first day cover for the #3 cent U.S. Postage Stamp honoring Puerto Rico and showing the Governor’s Mansion “La Forteleza”, postmarked October 31, 1939.  It appears to have originally been sent from Mineral Wells TX on July 15, 1939, a little over 4 months before it was franked at the World’s Fair in New York.  There is a letter inside, but it’s a personal message from the recipient’s father, who taught Physics at Science Hill High School.

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