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Iron Mountain Stoneware

The buildings are still there, but they’re going downhill fast.  The pottery was established by Nancy Patterson, of Los Angeles, in Laurel Bloomery TN.  It opened in 1965 and lasted until 1992. The official history is here.

This is the showroom/office building.



This is incised into the concrete step in front of the double doors down toward the end of the building.


The building that housed the kilns and workshops.


The Navigator looking over the pottery’s dump.




Well, it’s a fake of necessity.  This “YE OLDE TOWNE GATE Greeneville” sign goes over Tusculum Boulevard at Sevier Street in Greeneville TN.  The original sign was put up by the Cherokee Club, a women’s group, in 1925.  It was replaced by this aluminum replica when Tusculum Boulevard was widened.  I can’t pin down a date on that.  Rats.

Smoky Mountains Park promotional cards

Both of these cards are stamped on the back: “AUG 28 1941”.  They’re, um, promotional cards for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, printed by Curteich in Chicago under the auspices of Harry N. Martin, P.O. Box 324, Asheville, N.C.
They were probably considered corny at the time and have gotten less tasteful as time as gone on.  But, remember, the country was still in the last panting days of the Great Depression then.  The attack on Pearl Harbor was just four months in the future.

Rogersville Postcards


Rogersville Synodical College, a finishing school for women, originally established by The Odd Fellows, but, as building costs escalated, it was quickly handed over to the Nashville Synod of the Presbyterian Church.  They kept it going until 1913, when it went under for lack of funding.  There had been two bank panics early in the century and then came the recession of 1911 or so, which didn’t let up until World War I.  “Hard times, come again no more”.
On the back of the card: Hello Kid: How are you standing the times?  I’m just fine.  Tell Mae to have me a good supper Friday night.  Ans soon your sis Cora.  Addressed to Miss Blanche Gladson, R.#4 Rogersville Tenn  (Postmark is Rogersville Feb 15 2pm 1909)

Six years later:


Title of the card is “Street Scene, Rogersville, Tenn.”  Pub. by R.F. Rowan
This one was mailed from Indianapolis in 1915 (the day/month part of the mark is obscured) from another sister (maybe) of Miss Blanche Gladson.  All the message on the front and the back involves and upcoming trip back home to Rogersville on the train and to be sure to have a good supper ready.  The signatures on the card are a little confusing.  On the back, the signature after “your loving sis” is H.E. B.  On the front, the message is signed “Connie”.
I’m not sure who Connie is.   Blanche shows up in the 1910 census as living at home.  She was born in 1898 or 1899 in Hawkins County.  Her father was Mat, her mother Ida.  She had three sisters and one brother.  No sister was named Connie, but it could be that this “sis” was the wife of Hugh, the son. Then in 1917, Blanche wed Hayes King and the marriage certificate shows her as being 17 years old.  Hmmm.
Many thanks to ancestry.com.


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