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DeBusk Mill/Ebbing Springs Roller Mill

This is located on SR 736 south of Glade Spring on the North Fork of the Holston River.  According to the site millsofwashingtoncounty.com, the mill was built in 1870.  Around back, this is the race and just beyond, the axle for the water wheel:

But the real treasure is this old, derelict, vandalized home, which may have been the DeBusk home.  According to a person we talked to, each room has a fireplace and each design is different.  It also had direct current electricity, generated by the mill, and required special care to use (Edison would have been so proud).

Note the sleeping porch, screened in, on the second floor.  In its day, it must have been a showplace.

While We’re in Shady Valley

In Shady Valley, at the intersection of 91/133 and 34, there’s a restaurant/convenience store/gas station that’s popular with the men and women who enjoy biking “The Snake”, a series of tight curves on 91 between Elizabethton and Shady Valley.  These pumps reference that, including renaming the gas types.

Shady Valley School


I always enjoy finding schools built by the WPA.
This one, on 133 in Shady Valley TN, was built in 1936.  A plaque certifies it as a WPA structure.
Very nicely fashioned out of local stone.

Graham-Kivett House


Well, here we are in Tazewell TN.  A town replete with cut stone structures.  This is the Graham – Kivett House,
built…but, wait! It’s all here:

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