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Clintwood Garments

Clintwood Garments on Factory Drive in Clintwood VA.  I found a couple of references to women who had worked here for 30 years or so.  One lady was noted to have worked here in the 1970s and retired with brown lung.  This company made undergarments, generally.  I don’t know when it closed.

Mason-Dorton School


This is the Mason-Dorton School in Russell County VA, on 606 between Nickelsville and Dickensonville.  It was built in 1885 and closed in 1958.  It’s on the National Register of Historic Places.  The plaque is on the other side, which only has a door, no windows.

Yard Art

You just never know what will turn up in Harlan County KY.  These are in the front yard of a residence in Breedens Creek hollow near Holmes Mill.  They’re wood carvings, life size.

Mail? Not!


The former Post Office for the unincorporated community of Holmes Mill in Harlan County KY.  A local told us it was shut down about four years ago.  This is on Hwy. 38, west of the large, and dormant, Jericoal complex nearer the Lee County VA line.

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