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Dewey in Wise County VA

Dewey is a community along Hwy 620 (Dewey Road) in Wise County VA.  There is a remarkable lack of information about this place on the internet.  It never had a post office.  It’s not listed in my book of Virginia place names.
This is Dewey School.  It’s located at 37.07986, -82.66158, several miles west of Pound.  I found a reference indicating this school was here in 1916, but that’s it.  It appears to be a community center now.  Even weirder is this place:
This church is just up the hill from the school.  (note that the N in “Zion” is backwards)
I am able to locate exactly zero information about this Old Regular Baptist Church.  It looks well-kept and in service, though.  It’s not listed in any list of churches in Wise County that I could find.
I will, of course, keep looking for information and will update.


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2 thoughts on “Dewey in Wise County VA

  1. Jerri Hawks on said:

    Thank you for the photos of the Mount Zion/Dewey School. I have family buried there and could find little to no information about this places.

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