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Blinging Out the Culvert

In north Trammel VA, just off Highway 63, there’s a 1913 dated culvert put in place when the Clinchfield Railroad created a maybe 30′ high fill to cross a valley.  Here’s what it looked like about three weeks ago:


Okay, I guess.  Original, dowdy, and all that.  But, just this last Sunday, we passed by it again and, voila!  Someone, bless their heart, decided to bling it up a bit.  I like it.

Note that the person(s) also kindly cleared out some of the growth obscuring the culvert.  Good job!

Dewey in Wise County VA

Dewey is a community along Hwy 620 (Dewey Road) in Wise County VA.  There is a remarkable lack of information about this place on the internet.  It never had a post office.  It’s not listed in my book of Virginia place names.
This is Dewey School.  It’s located at 37.07986, -82.66158, several miles west of Pound.  I found a reference indicating this school was here in 1916, but that’s it.  It appears to be a community center now.  Even weirder is this place:
This church is just up the hill from the school.  (note that the N in “Zion” is backwards)
I am able to locate exactly zero information about this Old Regular Baptist Church.  It looks well-kept and in service, though.  It’s not listed in any list of churches in Wise County that I could find.
I will, of course, keep looking for information and will update.


Pilot Knob School


Pilot Knob School is in Dickenson County VA on Smith Ridge west of Nora.  According to “School and Community History of Dickenson County, Virginia”, edited by Dennis Reedy and published by Overmountain Press in 1994, this frame building dates to around 1925 (to replace a log structure across the road which had burned down a year or so earlier) to serve the families of the Big Oak Community.

This is looking inside the building from the cloak room.  The front door is to my right.

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