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Flat Gap mine


When I was a kid, my stepdad mentioned a zinc mine in Treadway TN.  This is it, but this one picture doesn’t do justice to the rather large site of the Flat Gap Zinc Mine.  The zinc mined here went up to Pennsylvania to be smelted.  But, in the mid-20th century, the price of zinc plummeted.  In April of 1961, the New Jersey Zinc Company closed this place down.  Well, the outstanding amount of ground water they encountered had something to do with the closing, too. This is a replacement building for the metal building further up the hill.  It went up in smoke at some point.
The right side of this building has seen its share of garage sales, apparently, and, on occasion, occupation by vagrants or merrymakers.

The left side of the building abuts a horse exhibition area.  It appears, from assorted manure piles, that horses and cattle have been temporarily lodged there.

Oh, that groundwater?  It’s now pumped into Sneedville for drinking water.  I saw a website where the original plan to do this was posted…and the comments were vicious.  Ad hominem comments with atrocious spelling (I went to school for a while in Sneedville and I know the teachers taught better than that).  Some people just don’t like other people…

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7 thoughts on “Flat Gap mine

  1. Mary Lynn S. on said:

    I lived in Treadway when very young. My dad worked for NJ Zinc Co. I went to school somewhere but don’t know the name. I remember it being only two rooms.

  2. Amanda Brown on said:

    In the early 90s to early 200os this building was home LD saddlery. In the front was the store. Middle was shipping back later became store and a lil deli added after the horse barn was built for sales. Every 1st and 3rd saturday. And the front became offices and like a apartment. Also had a big area for storage of matterials and stuff. I grew up riding my back around that my place. I always found it interesting. When Ld Saddlery bought it. The bottom was completly full of old clothes like it had been used for a factory. I often wondered about its past as it multi showers n bathrooms.guess this is where my love abondened buildings again.

  3. l.baker on said:

    Any idea of where to find a map of the mine tunnels?I live in a hollow just the other side of the mine, maybe a 1/4 mile and I am worried that sucking all that water out will cause a sink hole.There’s one on the upper end of yount town road opened up in the mid to early 80’s, ate my friend’s mater field.My house etc, is in a hollow with a ton of water .thanks.interesting site. nice that someone takes an interest in hancock co..

    • Well, my mom married a guy from Sneedville…we moved there when I was about 12…lived there a year.
      Anyway, the coal company and maybe the Department of Mines and Minerals in VA might have some information on that. Also check the Meador Coal Museum in Big Stone (276-523-9209). Best of luck!

  4. karessa on said:

    I went by there today. An looked around but I didn’t know what it was. So im happy I found this so I could learn of what it used to be.

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