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Hopson School


This is Hopson School.  This is located on Walt Arnett Road, just off 19E in Carter County (36.20501, -82.10412).  I was standing on Old Railroad Grade Road when I took this.  Old Railroad Grade Road is the railbed of the ET&WNC, aka Tweetsie, Railroad.  Again, a tip of my hat to Mr. Joseph Penza, Archivist and Records Clerk at the Elizabethton/Carter County Public Library for ferreting out the name of this school.  There’s a picture here of a letter postmarked in the Hopson  Community in 1898.  Hopson is listed as having a post office as early as 1895.

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3 thoughts on “Hopson School

  1. A local resident alerted me that this is not Hopson School, but Bowling Chapel Church. The school is reportedly off Holly Hill Road on Whitehead Hill and is falling down.

  2. Now I’m told that the individual who indicated another location may be the one who is incorrect. I’m going to have to check this out for myself since I live close by.

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