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White Super Power


We ran across this old White Super Power wrecker/tow truck sitting beside the road in Unicoi County TN.   It may be a 1948 model.  Here’s the name plate on the side of the motor housing:


A look inside the cabin:

Here’s the name plate for the company that did the conversion:

It reads: Ernest Holmes Co. Chattanooga Tenn U.S.A.
Cat. No. W35

Model No. (unreadable)

Serial No. (as best as I can make out) HKs151


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5 thoughts on “White Super Power

  1. Benjamin Bolling on said:

    The girl who owns this is a good friend of mine. I bet she could give you more info on it if you would like to know more.

  2. That’s my wrecker! Her name is “Big Momma.” She belonged to my papaw, Bill “Diesel doctor” Black. She was the biggest wrecker around in her time, one of the last gas wreckers to this day, and my dream is to have her fixed up. Thank you so very much for featuring her, I about cried when I saw this. You took beautiful pictures of her. Feel free to stop by again sometime. And add me on Facebook if you want!

  3. Pam Bradshaw on said:

    She’s a 1941. She ran when my Daddy parked her where she now sits! She doesn’t have a starter. We pulled her off to start her with Daddy’s small wrecker! She had quite an exciting life. Before the interstate she and Daddy rescued many truckers off of Sam’s gap! Thank you so much for posting this.

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