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Hancock County TN School Annex


I’m in Sneedville TN. This stone building was once an annex of sorts to the long-gone Hancock County school that sat where the upper parking lot is for the new school.  I had a class in this building (6th grade, I think)…a geography class.  I can’t remember the name of the man who taught the class.  He was a tall and angular, very pleasant, well-spoken person and he knew his geography.  Unfortunately, to me, he also had a really strong country accent.  I was a punctilious kid and a smart ass, to boot.  He came in and caught me standing in front of the class mocking his accent (Lima, Peru came out to rhyme with “I-ma Me-too”.  The kids thought it was funny, but they thought it was funnier when he gave me a couple of swift slaps on the butt.
This plaque is on the left side of the door:


It means that the National Youth Administration, then part of the W.P.A., built this in 1939, the last year that group functioned under the W.P.A.  It was disbanded in 1943.

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