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Lookout KY Post Office (former)

I can’t dig up much information about this community in Pike County except that it was once known as “Marrowbone Coal Mine” (Marrowbone is a nearby community).  I was taking some pictures of two fire trucks at the Lookout Volunteer Fire Department when I spotted this building a couple of blocks distant.  This is choice.  It has some age and the signs are somewhat unusual (note the triangle shape between the “L” and the “o” in Lookout on both signs).  The post office, according to Google, closed in 2011. Flag’s still flying, though.

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2 thoughts on “Lookout KY Post Office (former)

  1. Randy kelly on said:

    Me and my mother went this post office when I was a boy – maybe 1979, I met my grandfather here Virgil Coleman when I was 10 years old one of three times in my life. I remember going here with my mom, Bethel Coleman Kelly. My gransmother has a P.O. Box here. I faintly remember the store was still open, we lived in a small town nearby Hellier.

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