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Pine Branch coke ovens

Well, what’s left of the coke ovens, that is.  There are about 60 here now, out of at most 300 in the heyday of this place in Wise County VA.  This was a very busy place between 1920 or so and some time in the mid ’80s.

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2 thoughts on “Pine Branch coke ovens

  1. Stephanie on said:

    Can you provide GPS coordinates for some of these ovens? Planning a road trip to the area to look for industrial sites (furnaces, forges, mills, lime kilns, etc)

    • I shot those ovens in 2012, before I had GPS integrated into my camera, so I can’t be specific. However, these are on Pine Branch Road in Wise County VA. If they’re still in place, you’ll not miss them. Have a pleasant journey!

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