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Rice’s (no, Hord) Mill, Church Hill TN

These pictures are of Rice’s Mill, off Hwy. 11W at 36.520177, -82.745222 in Hawkins County.  The sign explains the original structure, thought to have been either at this site or near to it.  Some speculate that the foundation may be original…who knows?)  Other pix show the extant building from two angles, a look at one of the massive millstones and a shot of one of the Savage & Tyler Knoxville Round Belt Scalpers (Savage &  Tyler, thus combined, came into being in 1893 on Cumberland and Second in Knoxville).  This roller flouring mill had something to do with separating the grain as it came from the milling stones, I think (I was out sick the day they taught milling in school).  Warning!  This is private property.  (I had a brief flirtation with the idea that this was actually Hord’s Mill, but later clarity revealed that Hord’s Mill is further up the Creek, which happens to be Hord Creek…it empties into the Holston River across from Hord Island.)






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6 thoughts on “Rice’s (no, Hord) Mill, Church Hill TN

  1. Gary Mullins on said:

    Rice’s Mill burned long ago. The mill in your photos is Hord’s Mill, built much later.

    • Wow! You’re absolutely right. I didn’t dig deeply enough to discover that the original Rice’s Mill was located near, but not necessarily at, the location of what is now known as Hord Mill. Thank you for commenting and correcting the information.

  2. E. Dan Jessee on said:

    There was, at one time, a dwelling house within a few yards from the Mill. My family lived in the house 1946 -1949. My Dad paid rent while working the land, farming on the halfs for the Hord family. By the way it is not Hord mill. Hord lived in a big house up on the hill from the mill. My Dad passed away while living there from cancer. It’s a shame someone didn’t preserve the mill.

  3. Michael S Caldwell on said:

    Was told just yesterday that the building had been sold and moved to california ? I’ve not stopped and looked but think I may ride by there today.

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