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Rice’s (no, Hord) Mill, Church Hill TN

These pictures are of Rice’s Mill, off Hwy. 11W at 36.520177, -82.745222 in Hawkins County.  The sign explains the original structure, thought to have been either at this site or near to it.  Some speculate that the foundation may be original…who knows?)  Other pix show the extant building from two angles, a look at one of the massive millstones and a shot of one of the Savage & Tyler Knoxville Round Belt Scalpers (Savage &  Tyler, thus combined, came into being in 1893 on Cumberland and Second in Knoxville).  This roller flouring mill had something to do with separating the grain as it came from the milling stones, I think (I was out sick the day they taught milling in school).  Warning!  This is private property.  (I had a brief flirtation with the idea that this was actually Hord’s Mill, but later clarity revealed that Hord’s Mill is further up the Creek, which happens to be Hord Creek…it empties into the Holston River across from Hord Island.)






Shanks Mill, Hawkins County TN

Going northeast on Stanley Valley Road from Hwy. 11W, you’ll see this building on the left about 5 miles on (for those of you who get GPS, it’s at 36,503324, -82.908693).  This is Shanks Milling.  Behind the structure is a creek and the remnants of a wheel race (no sign of the wheel or axle).  Here’s a link to the history of the place.


Bullitt Park, Big Stone Gap VA

This is the right hand section of the gateway to Bullitt Park in Big Stone Gap.  The plaque reads:

Dedicated November 9, 1935

To perpetuate the ideals of good

Sportsmanship exemplified in the life of

Joshua Fry Bullitt



Exeter VA

Exeter (EX-eh-ter) is one of several coal towns that hubbed around Appalachia.  It is a residential community.  It was established sometime near the beginning of the last century as a living area for the people who worked the local coal mines.  Many of these drift (or deep) mines closed in the 1920s and 30s.

This is a look down one of the main streets in Exeter:




Roan Mountain TN

This old building has probably had a myriad of businesses located in it.  This latest business, as shown by the green sign in the window, has gone out of business.  Roan Mountain was established in 1884, when Gen. John Wilder, late of the Civil War, began to construct a hotel up on the Roan Massif called “Cloudland”.  The foundations are still there, but the hotel burned down decades ago.   This building is located right at intersection of the main highway and the road going up the mountain to Roan Mountain State Park.  Roan Mountain is a really excellent area to visit, any time of the year.
Oh, sorry for the tight cropping.  I wasn’t paying attention when I took the picture and got it framed badly.  I keep forgetting that haste makes for poor pix, dude.

Old Power Building, Lynch KY

This was built in the early part of the last century, when U.S. Steel established Lynch to handle the coal needed by the company.  In 1940, the town had a population of 10,000.  Not so today, as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts. This building is, obviously, abandoned.  It was build well and, though crumbling, still has an air of stability about it.


Stone Creek Polling House

This in Stone Creek VA, north of Pennington Gap.



Some Kentucky Post Offices

We were up in the Jenkins, Fleming-Neon, McRoberts (and Hemphill – already posted) area last Sunday.  I found some post offices.  McReynolds has two!  Mail a letter, keep the Postal Service going (my granddad was a postman).

This is Cromona KY Post Office:

The modern-looking post office at Neon (what a great name!):



Here’s McRoberts Post Office (official, I suppose):



This is the “Village Post Office” in McRoberts:


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