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St. Charles VA Fire Trucks

I took these pix in January, 2014.  I’m no expert on old trucks, so I’ll stand corrected if my dates are wrong.  These are great old workhorses, though, and a joy to see.  Note that they haven’t added the St. Charles name to a couple of these.  The first one I took is apparently from Mary-Del, which I think is in Maryland.  It’s  a 60s model Chevrolet, modded by Hahn Motors of Hamburg PA.

This one is a Chevy Kurbmaster step van 1979 or 80 vintage.


80s model Ford pumper.




This, I think, is the Fire Department’s main truck now.  It’s a Ford Grumman 429-4V.  1984(?).  Modded by Waterous.



Keeping the community safe.  Good job!

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5 thoughts on “St. Charles VA Fire Trucks

  1. Taylor on said:

    Hi there, a friend sent me a link to this page, and I thought that I would leave a few comments. I’m a firefighter and fire apparatus historian, and can provide you some information on these rigs.

    The top one is from the Mary-Del Volunteer Fire Department, located in Delaware. It’s a 1972 Chevrolet with bodywork by the now-defunct Hahn company.

    The Kurbmaster is a 1980 model, and came from the Weber City Fire Department.

    The third photo down is a 1970 model Ford that also come from Weber City.

    Finally, the Ford/Grumman in the last photo was donated to the St Charles VFD by the Big Island VFD in Bedford County about three years ago. The cab is by Ford, the body by Grumman (a once-respected builder in Roanoke, now defunct) and the pump was built by Waterous.

    Thanks for capturing these photos and posting them.

    • And thank you for your excellent information. My buddy ran across a copy of “American Fire Engines since 1900” by Walter McCall at a yard sale and got it for $1. It was published in 1976, so it’s got units up until then. Just took several pictures of engines in use by the Jasper VA Volunteer Fire Dept. I’ll be posting them soon. Again, thank you!

  2. Diddin’ the pix uncle BOB!

  3. Sorry, meant Diggin’

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