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Premium KY

Premium KY.  This is the post office.  Near here is the mostly long-gone community of Uz.  It’s pronounced You-zee, with a tip of the Lawrence hat to Ben Gish at The Mountain Eagle newspaper for that information.  The sound you hear in the background is me banging my head on the wall because I didn’t take a picture of the Uz community sign. The story goes, again thanks to Ben Gish for the link to “Kentucky Placenames” by Robert Remick,  that when the L&N was laying track in this area in 1911-1912, the resident engineer was having a dickens of a time getting things done.  Landowners were suspicious and belligerent, right of way suddenly got very expensive and bootleggers were providing far too much ‘shine to the construction workers.  When the resident engineer mentioned these troubles to a friend, the friend was reminded of where Job had so much trouble: in Uz.  Permission was obtained to name the area Uz.
Anyway, there’s railway junction also near here that was known as Hot Spot. The second picture is of the foundation of the old freight depot.  I was looking at it when a guy AT’d in just to check that we weren’t bothering his horses (which were penned up across the tracks).  We assured him we were entirely equine uninterested and he proceeded to fill us in on the history of the place.  You run into the most informative people now and then…  This was L&N territory, btw.



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