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Raven VA theater

It’s difficult to read the letters on the marquee. They spell out RAVEN.  I didn’t take this picture (I’ve since gone by the building).  My buddy happened to be in the area (Raven, in Tazewell County, was named for a local merchant…it’s about gone…it’s just west of Richlands) and knew I’d like to see this.  He gave me permission to post it.  Photo by Lee Stone.


Bean Station TN

Before they built the big highway, 11W was the way to go, if you were going west, of course.  It’s actually called the Robert E. Lee Highway, but most everyone calls it “‘levenwubya”.  So do I;  although, after having been in radio for this occasionally unpleasant basket of years, I tend to leave a little more of the “double-you” in there.  Anyway, Bean Station is a place I’ve heard about since I was a kid.  Figures, since I’ve lived in Morristown, Sneedville, and Kingsport.  If you want the lively story of Bean Station, click the link.

Here’s the tidy Town Hall:



And a gun shop next to a House of Prayer:



A dancin’ place:



And, of course, the Post Office:




Pinnacle State Natural Area

These were taken in 2008.  We are near Lebanon VA.  This is Pinnacle State Natural Area Preserve, along Big Cedar Creek just before it spills into the Clinch River.  Near the confluence was one of the biggest trash gyres I’ve seen so far.  Boy, the crap people throw in the creeks and rivers is disgusting.

This is Pinnacle Rock.  One site says it’s 400′ tall, another says it’s 600′.  Either way, it’s fairly tall.  It’s at 36.960942, -82.049670.


These are the falls on Big Cedar Creek.


This the Clinch River.  We were in the middle of a drought at the time but, even so, my late big brother, who was an outdoor writer and was familiar with many creeks and rivers in this area, said the Clinch was “pretty narrow” anyway.

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