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Stonega VA

As we travel around in coal country, we see a lot of signs protesting official attitudes toward coal.  Coal’s getting a bad rap and is being pounded by abundant (for now) natural gas.  Stonega was a coal town, just up from Appalachia.  This sign says it all:

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2 thoughts on “Stonega VA

  1. Sandra Young Kellum on said:

    My father, who passed away last October at the age of 91, was born in Stonega. He could name off about eight or so sections of the town, such as Quality Row, where my Great Grandfather’s house sat. I remember visiting this homeplace as a child, but have returned to Stonega since and can find nothing that resembles what I remember. Daddy made it sound like a very colorful place at one time.

    • We hear that so much. But, then, I go back to Morristown TN, where I was born, and it’s changed tremendously. Unfortunately, the coal towns seldom have the available resources to keep things going. A guy I know grew up in Pennington and he talks about how great the town used to be in its prime.

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