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Stonega VA

As we travel around in coal country, we see a lot of signs protesting official attitudes toward coal.  Coal’s getting a bad rap and is being pounded by abundant (for now) natural gas.  Stonega was a coal town, just up from Appalachia.  This sign says it all:

Appalachia VA

Heading up to Preacher Creek valley, we stopped for a few minutes in Appalachia.  The 411 on the town is here.  Old town, once a vibrant railroad and coal town that began to decline in the mid part of the last century.   I didn’t take any pix of what is known as Appalachian Towers, since it’s actually the old Appalachia Hotel and, like the one in Norton, is widely known.  So, here we go.  The former town hall:


I took a picture of this building back in the 70s.  It was still in operation then.

This is the abandoned Odd Fellows and Masonic Hall in downtown.  The building was dedicated June 29, 1908.

The passenger train station, long derelict, since passenger service ceased in the early 1950s.

The United Methodist Church:

More interestingly, this is a plaque on the side of this church:


And then we went on up to Andover, Arno and Derby.  Interesting day.


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