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Lonesome Pine Lake

See the lake?

You don’t?  Well, that’s because it’s not there anymore.  See that patch of reeds just to the right of center?  That’s more or less where it was.  If you go to Google Earth (download the program…it’s free) and input the coordinates 36.939900, -82.524877, you’ll see the location of this “lake”.  Historic imagery shows it there in 1995 and maybe in 2002, but gone thereafter.  It’s about halfway between Norton and Coeburn on 158, behind the Lonesome Pine Drive In which, according to a friend of mine who grew up in Norton, showed bluer movies that the other drive in movie in the vicinity.

There’s a bit of concrete and some iron protruding from the bank on the left.  I don’t know what it is…thought I’d point it out.

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