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Structure on Douglas Lake

This structure

is located at exactly 36.079145, -83.239861, about 3.1 miles southeast of White Pine TN.  It’s on a long-abandoned Southern railroad line.  I have no idea what it is.  We couldn’t get closer to it on Sunday, June 3, because Douglas Lake was at really full pool.  Rather looks like a windmill without the sails, no?  I know it’s not, but I do know it’s on an old Southern line because, if you go back northwest just a little bit, you’ll see a spit of land jutting out into the lake…it’s the old rail bed, of course.  About halfway up that spit, over to the land side, there’s a culvert that once crossed a creek.  The culvert has, in tidy Roman lettering, “Southern Railway Company”.  It’s someone’s backyard, now.

There were two lines coming through here at the time, probably before Douglas was impounded in 1943.  There was another culvert under the spit of land we were standing on and, thanks to the diving prowess of a couple of kids who were swimming nearby, we learned that it also has the same inscription.

If you know anything about the structure above, let me know!

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