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Trammel VA

Trammel, in Dickenson County, wasn’t there when the Clinchfield railroad first cut its way up to Elkhorn City, but it was certainly there on February 9, 1915, when George Carter, the man who ran the Clinchfield Railroad, came to Trammel to drive in the last spike to complete the line from Elkhorn City down to Spartanburg SC (this according to James Goforth in the book “Building the Clinchfield”).  The rail line takes a westerly turn at Trammel and heads into the still-active Sandy Ridge tunnel.  If you’re driving on 63, heading east from Dante, you’ll curve more northerly at Hazel, then, a few miles on, you’ll see this sign:

And you’ve come to Trammel, off to the left.  Here’s a look down the main street:

In 1986, the company that owned the town gave the people living here a choice: buy your home or we’ll auction it off to the highest bidder.  Most of the people were able to scrape together the money to buy their homes, but, alas, some were out in the street at the end of the day.  Someone from out of town bought the old company store.  They sure did a great job with it:

Every time we come through, we expect to see it collapsed.  The road to the right leads up to a strip mine.  The work goes on.

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